The Women’s College Edge

Why a Women’s College?

If you find yourself (or someone you know) asking, “Why a women’s college?” The answer is simple. Women’s colleges provide an edge that stays with you long after graduation.

How so?

At women’s colleges, all leadership positions are held by women, offering their students more opportunities to lead in a variety of settings, such as student government, residential life, and clubs and organizations. At women’s colleges, students are immersed in an academically challenging – yet non-competitive – environment, where they explore options and find their voice. At women’s colleges, students challenge themselves and each other to bring their best, everyday. But don’t just take our word for it.

Look at the Facts:

Roughly 25% of the female members of U.S. Congress graduated from a women’s college. Graduates of women’s colleges are more than twice as likely as women graduates of coed colleges to receive doctoral degrees. Women’s college graduates are over-represented in math and science careers. A survey done years ago by BusinessWeek magazine examined the number of female board members at Fortune 1000 companies. A remarkably high number—33%—attended all-female universities. (Source: Women’s College Coalition website)

And our Students Agree:

“This is an environment where women become leaders.”
~ Emily Jovais ’13
At women’s colleges, women teach women. There are significantly more female professors and administrators at women’s colleges. The national average for women college professors is about 30%, but at Scripps College, nearly 60% of the faculty members are women.
Join a tradition of women who strive to be their best and who encourage each other to do the same at Scripps College.