Resources and Support


Scripps has its own library, the Ella Denison Strong Library, a special collections library with a variety of comfortable and quiet spaces for study and research.

Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s Office supports the academic mission of Scripps College by preserving the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of all academic records.

Resources and Services

Academic Resources and Services department within Student Affairs at Scripps College is committed to providing students with access to a variety of resources to support and augment the academic success of students while pursuing undergraduate studies.

Scripps College Press

Scripps students produce two letterpress books a year in the Scripps Press, founded in 1941. The College even has its own typeface, Scripps Old Style, created by renowned designer Frederic W. Goudy for the Press’ exclusive use.

Academic Awards

Scripps is honored to award the hard work and dedication of its students.

Academic Honors

Scripps students earn Dean’s list and Latin honors and join honor societies.