Mark Golub

Associate Professor of Politics

Department: Politics
Office Address: Balch 312
Office Phone: (909) 607-3380
Personal Website:
Mark Golub

Academic History

  • Ph.D. in Political Science, University of California, San Diego
  • M.A. in Political Science, Claremont Graduate University
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science, Macalester College

Areas of Expertise

Critical Race Theory, Law and Society, Law and Humanities, Contemporary Political Theory, Critical Theory, African American Political Thought.

Selected Research and Publications


Is Racial Equality Unconstitutional? (Oxford University Press, 2018)

Articles and Reviews:

  • "Remembering Massive Resistance to School Desegregation," Law and History Review Vol. 31, No. 3 (August 2013) pp491 - 530.
  • "Review: Fugitive Slave on Trial: The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage, Earl Maltz," Law and Politics Book Review, Volume 21, No. 7 (July 2011) pp439-445.
  • "Plessy as Passing: Judicial Responses to Ambiguously Raced Bodies in Plessy v. Ferguson," Law and Society Review, Volume 39, Number 3 (2005).
  • "Review: Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?, Okin et al," Women's Studies (2001).
  • "History Died For Our Sins: Guilt and Responsibility in Hollywood Redemption Histories," Journal of American Culture, Winter (1999).
  • "Their Word Was to be My Law": Frederick Douglass and the Problem of Legal Meaning (in progress).
  • "Constitutive Racism and the Living Constitution" (in progress).

Awards and Honors

  • Scripps College Faculty Sabbatical Research Fellowship (2012)
  • Mary W. Johnson Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008, 2011. 2016)
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (UCSD,1996-2000)

Courses Taught

  • POLI 124: Race in American Politics
  • POLI 140: Introduction to Political Theory
  • POLI 141: Politics of Race and American Popular Film
  • POLI142: Marxism and Post-Marxism.
  • POLI 143: Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights
  • POLI 144: Legal Storytelling and the Rule of Law
  • POLI145: Race, Violence, and the Law
  • POLI 190: Senior Seminar
  • Core I: Culture, Knowledge and Representation
  • Core I: Histories of the Present: Violence
  • Core I: Histories of the Present: Human Nature and Human Difference

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