Leif Zinn-Brooks

Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics

Department: Mathematics
Office Address: Balch 206
Leif Zinn-Brooks

Academic History

  • BS - Mathematics Scientific Computation, UC San Diego, 2011
  • PhD - Mathematics, University of Utah, 2018

Areas of Expertise

Mathematical biology

Personal Interests

Golf, rock climbing, skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking, crossword puzzles

Selected Research and Publications

  • Zinn-Brooks L, Roper ML (2021) Circadian rhythm shows potential for mRNA efficiency and self-organized division of labor in multinucleate cells. PLoS Comput Biol 17(8): e1008828.
  • Yin, Z., & Zinn-Björkman, L. (2020). Simulating rolling paths and reorientation behavior of ball-rolling dung beetles. Journal of theoretical biology, 486, 110106.
  • Zinn-Björkman, L. and Adler, F.R., 2018. Modeling factors that regulate cell cooperativity in the zebrafish posterior lateral line primordium. Journal of theoretical biology, 444, pp.93-99.

Awards and Honors

  • 2019-2020 UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award

Courses Taught

  • Math 30