Health and Wellness

About the Facilities

Sallie Tiernan Field House

Equipment Description
Equipment by “Technogym” Seated leg press, extension, and curl; multi hip and torso rotation; abdominal and back extension; upright row, lateral pull-down, and over-head press; chest press, bicep curl and arm extension, and functional motion trainers
Freeweight and flexibility equipment Adjustable chest, lower back, and crunch benches; Barbells (20-65 pounds); dumbbells (7.5-35 pounds) and neoprene functional weights (1-10 pounds); and flexibility anterior/posterior stretching benches
Functional equipment Medicine balls (4,6, and 8 pounds); resistance tubing and foam rollers; BOSU and PlyoRebounder; adjustable step, stability balls, exerdiscs, balance board, and stretching mats.
Lacrosse/Soccer Field In addition to serving our community for recreation purposes, intramural and club sports, the field turf located behind the Tiernan Field House supports both the women’s soccer and lacrosse programs.

The Tiernan Field House also offers multi-fitness centers which include:

  • yoga and martial arts rooms;
  • a group fitness room that accommodates aerobic, cardio-kickboxing, Pilates, power yoga;
  • stretching porch and balcony;
  • classroom and meeting room spaces;
  • locker rooms featuring transient lockers;
  • kitchenette;
  • cardio fitness rooms by “LifeFitness” and “Technogym”;
  • four treadmills, Precor elliptical;
  • two lateral motion trainers, precor elliptical (with arms), stepmills, adaptive motion trainers, concept II rowing ergometers, upright cycles, and recumbent cycles;
  • and more!