Sallie Tiernan Field House

Untitled-1The Sallie Tiernan Field House is a state-of-the-art 24,000-square-foot facility with an aerobics studio, cardio machine room, weight room, and other spaces for fitness and health education. Students participate in group yoga classes, martial arts, aerobics, cardio-kickboxing, Pilates, dance, and more. The classes are free, and students can even sign on to teach. The facility offers student-only seven days a week, and students have access to personal trainers and bike rentals.

In addition to the fitness facility, the Field House also includes a 25-meter swimming pool and Alumnae Field for use by students, faculty and staff.

Hours of Operation

For information about the hours of operation, please visit here.

Programs and Services

We offer a variety of programs and services to meet the fitness, health, and wellness needs of the Scripps Community. Come check out a health and wellness workshop, use our soccer field, or participate in a group fitness class!

FitScripps Fitness Programs

The Tiernan Field House provides a variety of non-credit fitness classes, group fitness classes, fitness center orientation sessions, wellness workshops, and fitness services. Drop-in fitness classes are available (and free) only to Scripps College students. Non-Scripps students should visit the College’s website for membership information or visit the Field House for a membership brochure.

Health and Wellness Programs

The Tiernan Field House Health and Wellness program seeks to promote health, wellness and safety among the Scripps College community.

Our outreach includes:

  • Certified Peer Health Educator Team (Meet them!)
  • Health Workshops and Events
  • Student Training
  • Resources on health topics such as nutrition, alcohol, sexual and reproductive health, stress management, mental health, body image