Sustainability at Scripps

President’s Advisory Council on Sustainability

Scripps promotes awareness of our community’s and responsibilities  for human rights and the sustainability of life on this planet.

The Committee shall seek to educate, challenge and encourage students, faculty and staff to advocate for the behavioral and social changes necessary to improve the environmental health of our community and our world.  The Committee will:

  • Review and analyze existing sustainability practices at the College;
  • Advise the President on an organized approach to management decisions for all campus life operations in an effort to advance the principles of sustainability;
  • Propose goals and strategies that will address a comprehensive green management plan;
  • Promote cost-effective applications of environmentally responsible principles throughout the campus;
  • Communicate the sustainability practices of Scripps College to the Scripps Community, the Claremont Consortium, prospective students, campus visitors, and other college communities;
  • Work with members of the Consortium to promote sustainability best practices through 5-College events;
  • Provide the President counsel on all of the above, in keeping with the mission of the College.

Committee Members

Nancy Neiman
Professor of Politics
Chair, APT Committee

Josh Reeder
Director of Facilities
(909) 621-8281

Deborah Gisvold
Assistant Dean, Director of Tiernan Field House
(909) 607-8810

Erica Little
Area Coordinator for Residential Life
(909) 607-6214

Marion Preest
Pritzker Family Foundation Professor of Biology
(909) 607--8014

Student Council Members

  • Mia Farago-Iwamasa (Scr ’17, SAS Sustainability Chair)
  • Leta Ames (Scr ’16, Environmental Club President)
  • Cossondra Abruzzo (Scr ’15, LASPA)