Study Abroad and Global Education

Brandi Seaman

Ask me where I've been: New Zealand

Major(s) Cognitive Neuroscience Major / Psychology Minor
Hobbies Skiing, water polo
Hometown San Marino, California
Program/Study Site IFSA Butler: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Brandi Seaman | New Zealand

Why study abroad?

The Study Abroad program is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience a different culture.  Study abroad offers students the ability to learn life skills and travel.  I will never forget the people I met and the memories I made.  

Why did you choose New Zealand?

I chose New Zealand because I wanted to travel to a country that I would not have otherwise visited. The Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and I wanted to learn more about the sport.  

What courses did you enroll in while abroad?

I took courses in Brain and Behaviour, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Advanced Research Methods.  The courses were given in lecture format and three of the four classes had small group discussions that met once a week called labs.

What was your living situation?

I lived in a flat with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen where I cooked my own food. Two of the students were from New Zealand, one was from England, and the other student was from Germany.  I lived halfway up the hill to the Kelburn campus next to the Wellington Cable Car, which is about at 10-15 minute walk.  

What did you do for fun?

The Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand while I was staying in Wellington so a large part of the culture was attending matches or watching games at the local pub. I watched almost all of the matches either in person, at the pub, or in the fan zone.  

Highlights of the program:

  • White water rafting on the Kapiti Coast
  •  Wine tasting in Martinborough, NZ
  • Attending the All Blacks vs. South Africa Tri-Nations Rugby Match
  • Attending the USA vs. Australia Rugby World Cup Match
  • Scenario Paintball in Martinborough
  • Orientation at Shakespear Regional Park in Auckland
  • Overnight visit at the Marae

The most challenging aspects of your experience:

  • Grocery shopping. Finding inexpensive food was a challenge.
  • Adjusting to academic life was challenging. All of my courses contained about three hundred students and the courses were about self-motivation.

Final comments or suggestions for future participants:

Go abroad! Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made at Scripps College. My one piece of advice is to interact with local students and go on all of the trips that the program offers.  


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