Profile of the Class of 2014

Class Profile: 2014

Before deciding to change careers and pursue medicine, our students come from a fascinating variety of backgrounds. They may join us directly after completing their undergraduate education or after years in an established profession. Students in the class of 2013-2014 come from a wide range of careers, including professional orchestral violinist, corporate services & proposals administrator for a healthcare consulting firm, management consulting analyst, senior project manager for a Cloud-based software company, musician for Cirque du Soleil, Peace Corps volunteer for Uganda, veterinary clinic technician, medical intern, English teacher, clinical research associate, architecture project manager, and teacher for the visually impaired.

All of them made the decision to change their lives and begin the Scripps College Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program as the first step toward becoming a medical professional.

Mark Mikhitarian"Working together in a small study group or hanging out on a Friday night, I grew both intellectually and personally. Each Post-Bac student comes from a very unique background, with undergraduate degrees in a wide variety of subjects, from Ivy League institutions to small state schools, and with different professional backgrounds in politics, law, business, or straight out of college. This amalgamation has been most stimulating because each of our unique backgrounds has shaped our personal perspectives on medicine."

Mark Mikhitarian, Class of 2011
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-NY, Candidate for Doctor of Medicine (MD) (2013–2017)

Profile of the Class of 2014

Age range of students

  • 29%  ages 20-24
  • 53%  ages 25-29
  • 18%  ages 30-34

Undergraduate Institutions

Arizona State University
Boston College
Brown University
Colorado College
Cornish College of the Arts
George Washington University
Harvard University
Juilliard School

Pomona College
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California (USC)
Washington University
Yale University

Undergraduate Majors

Art History
Biology/Studio Art
Classical Studies
English/Spanish Language
French Language
Human Biology/Religious Studies

Musical Performance
Political Science
Political Science/Government
Politics/International Relations