Staff Council


Staff Council Statement of Purpose

The Scripps College Staff Council serves to promote a sense of community and belonging for staff members within the College.

To accomplish this, the Staff Council works to provide engagement, learning, and service opportunities for Scripps College staff members. In addition, Staff Council members serve as staff representatives and liaisons to the College’s administrative leadership, including regular meetings with the President.*

Staff Council Goals

  • To create opportunities for staff to learn, socialize, and engage with each other and with other campus constituencies at Scripps College with the desired outcome being an increased shared sense of community and inclusivity
  • To provide a vehicle for consultation between staff members and the College administration such that staff are provided an effective collective voice in matters related to Scripps College

Guidelines, Procedures, and Membership

  1. Membership is open to any exempt or non-exempt staff member at Scripps College. Members are not faculty members, students, or members of senior staff.
  2. The Director of Human Resources is an Ex-Officio member of Staff Council.
  3. Staff Council membership interest forms will be available online and at staff council events.
  4. To become an official member of Staff Council, prospective members must complete the interest form by March 1. Council members serve one (1) three-year term.
  5. The Staff Council consists of at least ten (10) members, with a goal of no more than fifteen (15) members. Staff Council will strive for even representation across campus divisions and departments.
  6. In the event that multiple staff members from the same division or department submit interest forms, membership will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  7. New Members will attend the first meeting in March.
  8. A “New Member On-Boarding Breakfast/Mini Planning Retreat” will take place in early August.
  9. Retiring members rotate off of staff council at the last meeting in June.

Officer Elections

  1. Staff Council officers are nominated by the first March meeting, and elected at the second March meeting.
  2. Officer nominations and self-nominations will be administered via a Google (or other online) poll.
  3. Regular officers will serve a one (1) year term with the opportunity for one (1) re-election term (one year) if nominated.
  4. Co-Chairs will serve one (2) year term with the opportunity for one (1) re-election term if nominated. [*Note: 2016 is an exception year. In order to initiate “stagger” of co-chair service, one co-chair (Deb Gisvold or Jacqueline Legazcue) will step down in May of 2018; one will step down in May of 2019. This will facilitate the election of one new co-chair per year.]

Officer positions

  1. Co-Chairs (2) – to facilitate the work of the council, encourage member participation, preside over meetings, and act as the Council’s primary points of contact with the College administration. Coordinates with Sergeant At Arms to develop and distribute agendas and meeting materials
  2. Philanthropic Officer – to encourage the council’s participation in philanthropic, volunteer, and community service activities within the campus and local Claremont community
  3. Sergeant at Arms – to facilitate meetings, coordinate and distribute agendas, take and distribute minutes, and manage other member materials. This officer also ensures that members with limited computer access receive information
  4. Membership Coordinator – to encourage members of the Scripps staff community to participate in the Staff Council and its related activities
  5. Communications Officer – to promote the Staff Council and its work via the Staff Council web site and other mechanisms


Other procedural processes such as meeting structures, frequency, activities, etc. are to be determined at a Staff Council Annual Planning Retreat, ideally to be held before the start of the academic year.

Outcomes from the Annual Planning Retreat are summarized as an annual addendum to these guidelines, and posted on the Staff Council website. The addendum serves as a non-binding guide for the activities of the Council in the coming academic year.

*Note: Nothing contained on this page shall be construed as authorizing Staff Council to deal with the administrative leadership with respect to grievances, labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, benefits, hours of employment, or certain conditions of work.