Title IX


As a women’s college, Scripps is acutely aware of the issue of sexual misconduct and sexual violence at colleges and universities. The College is committed to providing effective education, support, and investigative policies and procedures to Scripps students and other community members in order to respond to and remedy instances of sexual misconduct or other harassing behavior.

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Staff Members

Sally Steffen
Title IX Coordinator
(909) 607-7142

Sally is the College’s dedicated Title IX officer. She has primary responsibility for day-to-day management of Scripps Title IX matters, including case intake, meeting with those who have experienced incidents of sexual misconduct to explain the Title IX process and their options under applicable policies, assisting survivors in pursuing complaints, managing Scripps and cross-campus investigations, and coordinating Title IX education for students, faculty, and staff. She works closely with the Title IX teams at the other institutions in the Consortium to adjudicate matters. Sally helps match students with appropriate support.

Jennifer Armstrong
Associate Dean of Faculty and Deputy Title IX Coordinator (focusing on matters involving faculty)
(909) 607-9100

Jennifer Berklas
Assistant Vice President of Human Capital and Risk Management
(909) 607-7976

Jen is the Director of Human Resources and Deputy Title IX Coordinator. If you have a matter involving non-faculty staff at the College or elsewhere in the Consortium, we recommend you first contact Jen. (If the situation involves a faculty member, you may contact Jennifer Armstrong.) On an as-needed basis, Jen will serve as Sally’s primary back-up for coordinating student matters.

Simone Hicks, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean/Director of Case Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator (focusing on student support)
(909) 607-8177