Music Program


At Scripps, we study music as a cultural expression of Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world, providing students with insights into the aesthetics, history, and social contexts of musical practices among diverse peoples. We view music as an integral part of the liberal arts curriculum and intrinsically part of an interdisciplinary education. Music is a discipline that combines the intellectual and the solidly academic with the sublime and profound personal satisfactions unique to our field. We value both scholarship and performance.

Staff Members

Rebecca Ackley
Program Coordinator
(909) 607-3267

Diana Fortelny
Faculty Administrative Assistant – Music
(909) 607-3266

John Gilmour
Performance Staff Accompanist
(909) 607-9164

Gregory Jackson
Assistant Technical Director/Music Concert Manager
(909) 607-3266

Kyungmi Kim
Vocal Accompanist
(909) 607-3266

Tatiana Thibodeaux
Music Accompanist
Lecturer of Music
(909) 607-9164