Faculty Executive Committee


The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is the principal instrument of faculty participation in the governance of Scripps College, responsible for policy in matters of curriculum, budget, faculty welfare, institutional planning, and student affairs including admissions and financial aid. Faculty participation in individual personnel decisions is the separate responsibility of the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee (APT).


Amy Marcus-Newhall
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Professor of Psychology
(909) 607-2822

Stacey Wood
Professor of Psychology
Molly Mason Jones Chair in Psychology
Chair, FEC Committee
(909) 607-9505

Ken Gonzales-Day
Professor of Art
Fletcher Jones Chair in Studio Art
(909) 607-4436

Rivka Weinberg
Professor of Philosophy

Michelle Decker
Assistant Professor of English

Thomas Koenigs
Assistant Professor of English

Sumita Pahwa
Assistant Professor of Politics

David Andrews
Professor of International Relations
Gabrielle Marie-Louise Jungels-Winkler Chair in Contemporary European Studies
(909) 607-8102

Wendy Cheng
Associate Professor of American Studies
Chair, Department of American Studies