Ask me where I've been!

Megan Lewis in Australia

Scripps women have traveled the world over while engaging in off-campus studies. To hear some first-hand accounts from students who have visited Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, read our profiles below.

Study Program
Adrienne Beitcher Bolivia
Alexandra Feldhausen Brazil
Allison Kupsco Morocco
Amy Hilman Israel
Anna Fiastro Ecuador
Annsley McKinney Spain
Asumi Ohgushi India
Brandi Seaman New Zealand
Brigid Meints South Africa
Claire Mullen Bolivia
Dana Von Schaumburg South Africa
Erin Coleman Austria
Ina Herlihy China
Ishani Deo Japan
Jenna Tico Ireland
Jerrika Anderson Edwards Senegal
Kaitie Marshall Argentina
Kamyn Asher Czech Republic
Kat Shultis Hungary
Laura Hoverson Denmark