Costs of Off-Campus Study

Emily Simmons ’14

As fully-enrolled Scripps College students, off-campus study participants continue to pay the Scripps comprehensive fee for tuition and room and board, regardless of the program chosen.

The College’s comprehensive fees cover:

  • tuition;
  • room and board while classes are in session;
  • contribution toward round-trip airfare between Los Angeles and the program site;
  • International Student Identity Card or equivalent; and
  • the cost of administering Off-Campus.

Study at Scripps

Students are responsible for personal expenditures while on off-campus study, including:

  • cost of a passport and the required visa or resident permit;
  • local transportation;
  • refundable housing deposits;
  • immunizations; and
  • other personal expenses.

When approved for participation by the Committee on Study Abroad, students remain eligible for institutional, federal, and state financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans with one exception—work study is only possible while in the United States.