Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus Study is a unique academic opportunity for Scripps College students to extend the critical inquiries begun on campus to a semester of learning in one of 44 countries. Studying and living in a new environment helps to develop the global competence and innovative leadership required of today’s college graduates in our increasingly interdependent world.

Why participate in Off-Campus Study?

If Scripps College offers an engaging and academically challenging environment to pursue a college education, why study anywhere else? Because Scripps College considers off-campus study an essential part of a complete liberal arts education. The Core Curriculum equips students to think critically, to question assumptions, and to tolerate ambiguity; Off-Campus Study puts those skills to use.


The rewards of off-campus study include:

  • Engaging with people of another culture as a member of the local community, not as a tourist;
  • Exploring academic interests from a different perspective;
  • Enhancing language skills to a proficient level, or taking the challenge to learn a new language;
  • Investigating career options through an internship;
  • Preparing for senior thesis by honing research skills with an independent study project; and more.

Alexandra Feldhausen"I chose to study abroad in Fortaleza, because I realized that this might be the only opportunity I would probably ever have to go to Brazil. The visa requirements make it extremely difficult to travel there unless you are going to stay for an extended period of time. In addition to that, the opportunity to live and study in Brazil was also particularly enticing to me, because of the economic and social transformations Brazil is undergoing presently. The rise in power of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) or Workers’ Party has lead to incredible changes in laws related specifically to labor rights.  At the same time, Rio +20, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and 2016 Summer Olympics ensure that Brazil is getting recognition on the world stage.  Being part of and understanding the changes that were taking place was the main objective of my study abroad experience there."

Alexandra Feldhausen
SIT Study Abroad: Fortaleza, Brazil - Social Justice & Sustainable Development, Brazil

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When can I participate?

Most students study off campus for one semester (either fall or spring) during their junior year; in fact, more than half of the Scripps junior class participates in the program. Students may also petition to participate during the second semester of the sophomore year, after Core and Writing 50 requirements are completed, or as a first-semester senior if the major allows.

Deciding between fall and spring semester is an important consideration when choosing a program. The U.S. schedule of
classes from September-May with a winter break between semesters is not the norm in many areas of the world; students are advised to check program dates as they make their selection.

Obtaining Credit

Students remain enrolled as full-time students at Scripps College and pay the comprehensive fees for tuition, room and board while participating in off-campus semester programs in order to receive credit toward graduation for their studies. The required course load while on off-campus study is 15 to 16 semester units, to equal 3.75 or 4.0 courses at Scripps. It is not the number of classes but the amount of credit awarded that determines the appropriate course load while off campus.

All grades earned on off-campus study will be calculated into the Scripps cumulative GPA. Courses taken while abroad can fulfill certain general education requirements, can be applied to a major or a minor with approval from the department, or can be counted as elective credit towards graduation.

Off-Campus Study Staff

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Director of Off-Campus Study
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Patricia Guenther-Gleason
Assistant Director
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