Scripps Success

May 3, 2017

CP&R: Life After Scripps: Preparing Students to Attend Top Law Schools

Scripps’ commitment to educating students for “lives of leadership, service, integrity, and creativity” produces alumnae who are equipped to succeed in a variety of career paths, from artists to scientists, and CEOs to politicians. Increasingly, Scripps graduates have been drawn to careers in the legal profession, and the College is providing the resources they need to secure placement in the nation’s top law schools.

February 24, 2016

The Scripps Experience: The Intercollegiate Media Studies Major

This may come as a surprise to students interested in working in entertainment: You do not have to graduate from film school in order to pursue a career in the movie and television industry. Just ask the Scripps alumnae who are showing their work at major film festivals or producing award-winning television shows—alumnae like Maril Davis ’74, executive producer for the Starz television series Outlander, recently nominated for several Golden Globes. She credits her time at Scripps as instrumental to her professional success, commenting, “I think a well-rounded, liberal arts education is a good preparation for any career.”

April 10, 2015

Undersea Discoveries: Coral Colonies Offer Clues on Ocean Conditions

While on the vessel Bell Shimada, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Branwen Williams and Devyn Parks ’15 survey the choppy ocean waters as they embark on an ambitious study of deep-sea corals off the Channel Islands.

May 14, 2014

Annabel Barraza ’14 : Scripps Fuels Her

For Annabel Barraza '14, there is nothing like being in the heart of back-to-back national presidential elections. Fascinated by politics and grassroots organizing, she spent her junior year exploring off-campus study opportunities in Washington, DC and Ecuador and learning how different political organizations work together across national borders.

February 4, 2014

See the Possibilities

Where others see impossibility and disability, Allison Thompkins '04 sees the opposite. And thanks in part to her Scripps experience, she has a PhD in economics from MIT.