An Introduction to “Clay’s Tectonic Shift: John Mason, Ken Price, and Peter Voulkos, 1956-1968″

Mary MacNaughton, director of the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery and associate professor of art history at Scripps College, talks about Pacific Standard Time and “Clay’s Tectonic Shift,” focusing on the ways in which Mason, Price and Voulkos created a new kind of clay sculpture which left the domain of craft to align with the avant-garde. Their radical early work formed the vanguard of a new direction in postwar ceramics.

MacNaughton edited and wrote an essay for the exhibition catalog Clay’s Tectonic shift: John Mason, Ken Price, and Peter Voulkos, 1956-1968. In addition, she has contributed to several books on ceramics, including Revolution in Clay: the Marer Collection of Contemporary Ceramics, and retrospectives on Paul Soldner and David Furman.


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