Honduras Resistance Leaders Come to Scripps College

A delegation of Honduran resistance movement leaders will participate in an afternoon of panels at Scripps College, in the Hampton Room, from 12 noon-5:30 pm on Wednesday November 11, 2009. One of several Los Angeles speaking engagements on the Honduras Justice Tour, the forum includes labor and community leaders discussing the recent Honduran coup d’etat, and the ensuing political unrest. A group of professors from the Claremont Colleges and a committee of ten students organized the event, which is free and open to the public.

Members of the delegation have been active on the frontlines for more than 125 days protesting the current Honduran government that removed democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya by a military coup on June 28, 2009. Taken by force, Zelaya was flown out of the country. He recently sneaked back into Honduras to challenge the military coup regime. Controversial elections are scheduled for the end of this month.

The discussion will be the first time the Honduran resistance movement speaks directly to the US public about the current situation in Honduras, the need for constitutional reform, evidence of human rights abuses, and examples of state repression.

Speakers include:

  • Miriam Miranda, from the Fraternal Black Honduran Organization representing the Garifuna People
  • Iris Munguia, the Coordinator of Banana and Agro-Industrial Worker Unions
  • Sarah Aguilar, attorney and Coordinator for the National Movement for Dignity and Justice
  • Indyra Mendoza, a representative from the LGBT Coalition of Honduras

The event will also include human rights advocates and a video conference of student leaders live from Honduras. For more information about attending the event, contact the Scripps College Public Relations Office at 909-621-8280 or visit