Jessica Dowling ’03 is a Standout in Maine Cheesemaking Community

CLAREMONT, California - July 10, 2017

Farmer and cheesemaker Jessica Dowling ’03  started her own business, Fuzzy Udder Creamery, in 2011 with her two favorite hand-stretched mozzarella cheeses made from buttery jersey cow milk and sheep’s milk yogurt. The Scripps College anthropology major, who also earned her master’s in food policy from City University in London, worked at a number of food and farming non-profits before deciding to become a small farmer herself.  She bought the former home of Townhouse Creamery in Whitefield Maine, which included successfully raising funds via Indiegogo, the online crowdfunding site. With her activist background, Dowling founded Fuzzy Udder with a commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare and environmentally sound, socially just practices. Dowling was recently featured in the Press Herald newspaper as she takes the helm of the Maine Cheese Guild, which supports and promotes the burgeoning regional cheesemaking community and fellow entrepreneurs.