Tori Sepand ’15 Featured in SF Gate Article About Amazon Alexa’s Celebration of Black History Month

CLAREMONT, California - February 8, 2017


Early adopters who have installed Amazon’s “Alexa” in their homes to work with their voice-enabled electronic devices can ask the virtual personal assistant to play music, get news and local information, control smart home productsand in the month of February, get ready answers about Black History Month. The Amazon Echo product is now equipped with the ability to educate users on the accomplishments of Black men and women in America, a new “skill” according to Scripps College alumna Tori Sepand ’15, who works at Amazon as a recruiting specialist and whose voice is one of several used to record Alexa’s knowledge base of retrievable facts on black history. Sepand is featured in a SF Gate article about the introduction of the information in February, which will continue to be a part of Alexa’s ever-expanding database.