Health Conscious

CLAREMONT, California - July 15, 2014

Matt Hutaff

Conscious Box

“My Scripps College education gave me two crucial assets that have driven my life since graduation,” says Lindsay Seligman ’06 (above, center). “The ability to question what is and envision what could be.”

Seligman serves as creative director of Conscious Box, a Portland-based business venture co-founded by graduates of The Claremont Colleges that promotes healthy living by researching and delivering GMO-free food, bath, and beauty supplies directly to its customers. “We help people transition to healthier, safer alternatives and help educate them through social media,” she says.

The road to Seligman’s conscious consumption began on campus thanks to ongoing interactions with people passionate about art and global sustainability. Her classwork with professors Susan Rankaitis and Nancy Macko helps inform Seligman’s current role in creating compelling visuals for the company and gave her the courage and ability to pursue environmental advocacy after graduation.

“I had to think outside the box, travel, and get my hands dirty to get where I wanted to be,” she says. And that’s no hyperbole – Seligman traveled the United States and abroad researching permaculture, biodynamic farms, and eco-villages before returning to Southern California with an expert view on modern agricultural systems and the damage they’re causing the planet.

Tyler Benner (CMC ’07), COO of Conscious Box, heard about Seligman’s research and offered her a job in 2013.

“Lindsay is one of my favorite people to work with because her curiosity and vigor for finding the root causes of things permeates her work and her person,” Benner says. “She encourages growth and flexibility in her peers while confidently setting the consistent brand and design standard Conscious Box espouses.”

For her part, Seligman is thrilled to be making a difference in a company built out of connections forged in the Claremont community. “It shouldn’t be a luxury to do work you love,” she says. “When you’re fulfilled at work, you’re creating a better world.”

“I believe you need to find your passion and continuously pursue it in all aspects of life, even if it seems out of reach,” Seligman adds. “If we don’t, what are we here for? Life is too short to waste on work we don’t believe in.”

To learn more about Conscious Box – and whether or not it might be a place to pursue your passions as well – visit their website.