Campus Events: Scripps Dances Annual Spring Concert Explores Belonging, Intimacy, and Connectivity

CLAREMONT, California - April 17, 2017

By Grace Ann Brew (PO ’17)

Students, faculty, and guest artists come together on April 21 and 22 for Scripps Dances, the Scripps College Dance Department’s annual spring concert. Presenting original dance pieces choreographed by students and faculty, this year’s program features many “abstract dances and socially minded works that explore the importance of belonging, intimacy, and connectivity,” says Assistant Professor of Dance Kevin Williamson, co-chair of the department.

Scripps seniors Sharon Keenan ’17, Rae Fredericks ’17, and Maile Blume ’17 will each perform their own original choreography. Keenan’s Try It On, Make It Fit, the final installment of her senior thesis, examines the under-representation of minority communities in dance and film, “exploring the cycles of conformity and exclusion that are present in society.” Keenan appreciates dance as an artistic medium because of its “never-ending vocabulary.”

“To me, dance is its own language,” Keenan says. “When my brain can no longer translate the complex gathering of thoughts and emotions into English, I’ve found movement to be simpler and more evocative. The impact is universal, and it’s absolutely necessary for the health of society.”

Fredericks’ performance will delve into intimacy and interconnectedness, while Blume will blend text and choreography to explore the relationship between individual identity and institutional environments. Madelyn Shaughnessy (PZ ’17) and Cynthia Irobunda ’18 will each perform self-choreographed solos, In and Out and Meta, respectively, while Jenny Sheasley ’18 will use acrobatics and ballet pointe work in her piece, Together.

In addition to presenting student works, Scripps Dances will bring Jackie Lopez, aka Miss Funk, and Leigh Foadd, aka Breeze-lee, of the Versa-Style Dance Company to the stage to explore solidarity and resilience in their work Warriors of Light, which will incorporate student performers as well. And Scripps Professor of Dance Ronalee Brosterman and Lecturers in Dance Phylise Smith and Suchi Branfman will also present original works performed by students.

Scripps Dances is held in Garrison Theater on Scripps’ campus on Friday, April 21, at 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday, April 22, at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Tickets are sold at the Garrison Box Office. For more information, click here.