Clever Scripps College Alumnae Make Election Products

CLAREMONT, California - November 29, 2016

Katy Lind '06

Scripps College alumnae are putting their creative talents to good use after the contentious 2016 Presidential Election. Katy Lind ’06 is selling an election-themed soap product for “folks who want to clean off the campaign” via her website. Although a recent Detroit-area news story about the product claims the soap venture “didn’t pay off” because it was developed for a Hillary Clinton win, Katy and co. have nonetheless good-naturedly moved forward with the limited edition soap bars, admitting “we got it wrong” in their advertisements. “Mistakes make good news stories,” Katy quips on her Facebook page, and encourages fellow Scripps alumnae to share the news. Follow Katy Lind on Twitter @NastyWomanSoap. Chelsea Carlson ’14 designed a Hillary Clinton illustration now available as a poster for sale, with 100% of the profits going to ACLU Nationwide. Carlson’s Trump and Clinton illustrations were also recently featured in a livestreamed NBC newscast.

Chelsea Carlson '14