Scripps Clubs and Organizations

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Activities Team (A-Team)

The Activities Team (A-Team) is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic Scripps students who offer a wide range of cultural, social, and educational programs to the student body. This creative group has the responsibility of event planning in the areas of on-campus, off-campus, and community service ventures. They serve as the official alcohol alternative programming group on campus. At the beginning of the fall semester, Scripps students can apply to join A-Team.

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Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP)

The Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP) is a student organization that provides resource in the form of programs, events and individual support- to Asian American first-years and trains upper-term students to develop their mentorship and facilitation skills. The mission of AASP is to create a supportive network of students at Scripps and in the 5Cs and to promote sustained dialogue and action on Asian American issues (intersected with dynamics of gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, etc.) that affect our students.

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Asian American Student Union (AASU)

An organization for self-identified Asian American (encompassing East, Southeast, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mixed Race populations), Pacific Islander, and Alaskan Native students at Scripps College. AASU seeks to strengthen the Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities on campus and at the other Claremont Colleges by providing a safe space for our members to explore issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality. Our internal programming encourages our members to develop closer relationships with each other and offer the unique opportunity to learn from their peers.

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Babes and Blankets

We knit and crochet blankets, scarves, hats, and other items for donation. Items are donated to organizations including Binky Patrol and Project Linus, (which donate baby blankets to hospitals in our area), Handmade Especially for You, (which donates scarves to women’s shelters in the area), Knit in Pink (which donates pink scarves to breast cancer patients), and Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project (which donates red scarves to emancipated foster care young adults who are in college).

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Bake for Justice

We intend to combine a love of baking and desserts with an initiative to raise money for different causes throughout the year, giving 5C students an opportunity to enjoy homemade treats and an easy way to help a cause that matters. In addition, to encourage creativity in club members by giving them a space to create fun treats that meet different dietary needs, and engage them with the community in a new way.

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Café con Leche

We seek to provide a forum for the discussion of social, political and economic issues that affect women, particularly those of Latina descent. We intend to raise awareness of diversity and its implications in our immediate community and surrounding areas. We dedicate ourselves to social justice by developing a critical lens through which we can analyze ourselves and the world. We welcome all members of the Scripps community regardless of racial and cultural heritage to join us in this pursuit.


Challah for a Cause

We host community-oriented events with Challah for Hunger. Please see Challah for Hunger for more information.

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Edge of Town

To bring together a community of designers, artists, and activists at the Claremont Colleges exploring design as a framework for social progress and for channeling disciplines in the liberal arts. We produce a biannual publication along with online digital and film content.

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Family: Queer-Allied Student Union

Family is Scripps’ Queer-Allied Student Union. We intend to provide a space for queer and allied students to love (or work on loving) themselves and each other because of their identities, so we commit to supporting our members in every way that they need. We also work to challenge our own thinking and work together towards queer liberation in our communities, as it is connected with anti-racism, disability justice and anti-capitalism. Everyone is invited to help plan and participate in Family events, which include weekly meetings, study breaks, movie nights, speakers, field trips, political actions, and other programs relevant to our community. Any Scripps student is welcome to be a member.

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Ignite at Scripps

IGNITE teaches young women how to think critically about policy and understand where the levers of power are to make change. Through regional councils of college women and college chapters like the one at Scripps, IGNITE teaches young women to become civically engaged and ultimately step into public service.

Contact Madison Hobbes and Sondra Abruzzo

[in]Visible Magazine

We are a group of students devoted to fostering an inclusive dialogue on gender issues through our online publication, We acknowledge unique character and voices as essential elements of community that should be appreciated in individuals, not drawn out by the majority. As such, we seek to emphasize appreciation of the diverse identities that are frequently overlooked. It is our mission to bring these essential qualities into focus.

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Kehillah is a space for any Scripps student who currently identifies as Jewish or has identified as Jewish in the past to explore their Jewish identity and how it shapes their experience at Scripps. It is a space where Jewish students can have dialogues about difficult and important issues such as what it means to be a Jew in college, how individuals relate to their Judaism differently, and how Judaism intersects with race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other identities, all while looking at our experiences through a social justice lens.

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La Semeuse (Yearbook)

We capture student life and offer a permanent memoir for all students during their time at Scripps. The organization gives Scripps students an opportunity to publish their work and preserve it for the generations to come.

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Outdoor Women Leaders (OWL)

OWL’s mission is to provide a supportive environment where all women can have fun, challenge themselves, and take initiatives in a community of people who love the outdoors. It is commonly known that women are underrepresented as leaders in the outdoors, this may be due to the lack of encouragement, consequence of expected gender roles, or whatever. OWL strives to create a fun, educational, laid-back environment that encourages women to explore the great outdoors and take leadership roles. It is our mission to serve as a resource and support base for women at Scripps College.

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Psi Chi

Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology and to advance the science of psychology. The mission of Psi Chi is to produce well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible members committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.

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QuestBridge Scholars Network Chapter

The Scripps Quest Scholars wish to encourage first-generation and/or low-income students to graduate successfully from Scripps College by creating a singular place where officially recognized Quest Scholars–along with their allies–can navigate educational, professional, and personal growth opportunities. This club is open to Scripps Students affiliated with QuestBridge, low-income students, and first-generation communities on campus.

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Re: Action!: (an I Am That Girl chapter)

We seek to provide a space for people to talk about issues that affect our campus and society. We particularly focus on body image, struggles with life habits, and self-love; another important aspect of our mission is to produce media that challenges portrayals of women as flat characters.

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Scripps Associated Students (SAS)

The function of SAS is to liaise between the student body and the administration, faculty, and the Board of Trustees of Scripps College. SAS plans a variety of programs and activities, funds clubs and organizations, and serves as an advocate for student needs and concerns in an effort to improve student life on and off campus.


Scripps Challah for Hunger

We bake and sell challah bread to raise money for nonprofits advancing food justice each semester. Our group of managers engage in advocacy and activism, address humanitarian issues, and learn about the Jewish traditions of Tzedakah (charity) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

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Scripps Code Website

The purpose of the Scripps Code is to build a community of students interested, minoring, and majoring in computer science at the 5Cs. We are hoping to build a personal and professional network for students to utilize during and after their Scripps academic careers.

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Scripps College Journal

The Scripps College Journal accepts submissions from all Claremont College students in both fiction and non-fiction through essays, reflections, poetry, short stories, etc. and all types of visual art and photography. We distribute our printed publication at the end of every spring semester. All members of the editorial board must be current Scripps students.

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Scripps College Mock Trial

Scripps College Mock Trial allows undergraduates to engage in trial simulations and competitions with teams from other institutions, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills as well as knowledge of legal procedures.

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Scripps Economics Society

Scripps Economics Society brings together students majoring in and interested in economics, finance, and accounting for events, networking, and learning opportunities.

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Scripps FinAC

Our group aims provide business-related resources and information to Scripps students, foster an on-campus community of future industry professionals, and connect students with alumni. We will achieve this by making sure students are aware of industry-specific opportunities on Claremont Connect, coordinating workshops on technical financial interviews, and providing on-campus networking opportunities, among other endeavors.

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Scripps Food Justice Club

We work to redistribute resources and support marginalized communities through food recovery and food justice.

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Scripps French Club

The purpose of the organization is to create a vibrant Francophone community on campus through cultural activities. These may include organizing a film series, French study breaks, attending Francophone plays, concerts, or films in the LA area, conversations and debates in French.

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Scripps Gardening Club

The Scripps Gardening Club is a student-led club, with collaboration from college students, faculty, and staff, dedicated to providing a space for students to learn, appreciate and participate in organic gardening and composting.

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Scripps International Community

SIC is dedicated to facilitate self-identified international students transitioning into college life abroad and to promote inclusivity of international students on campus. SIC also aims to offer the Scripps community a social and cultural environment to learn about life abroad.

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Scripps Live Arts

Is a Scripps College club that strives to bring local artists with a non-normative sound who are typically underrepresented in the music industry to perform on campus. We also work to host events that provide students of the 5Cs with alternative and safer spaces to express their voices and share their talents.

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Scripps Ocean Initiative Club

The club welcomes students with any level of interest about the ocean, and offers a chance to explore and learn more about the ocean and its issues. The club also provides a forum in which students can meet others interested in the ocean, get off campus to explore and help conserve the ocean, and have fun! Ocean Initiative Club works to raise awareness about ocean conservation among members and across Scripps campus. We celebrate all aspects of the big blue!

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Scripps Politics Association

We were created with the intention of providing a resource for support and networking among students who intend to major or minor in Politics (and International Relations) at Scripps College, or who would like to pursue a career path in a political field.

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Scripps Running Club

Our club promotes the love of running and general healthy living. Members of our club will strive to improve their physical and mental health while making new friends and forming new connections.

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SEED (Scripps Environmental Education and Development)

SEED (Scripps Environmental Education and Develop) plants hope for a greener future by educating students on environmental issues and providing tools so they can reduce their environmental footprint. We have implemented a school-wide recycling system, a dorm-wide composting program, hosted educational events, and we will continue to grow!

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The Scripps Voice (Newspaper)

Our hope and vision is that The Scripps Voice, in print and online, will serve the Scripps College community as a public forum for student expression, be it in written, video, image, or commenting form. Additionally, we want to be a news resource to the community that provides accurate and relevant reporting about important events and issues on campus. In allowing students to voice their opinions through whatever media desired, we hope a larger community can assemble that can learn and interact with the unique type of feminist discourse that can be found at a Women’s College in the 21st century.

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Watu Weusi

The membership of Watu Weusi consists of students of Scripps College that self-identify as being of black and African descent. Watu Weusi functions as a collective to support people of African descent at Scripps College, and beyond, in endeavors of socio-political, cultural, personal, and spiritual existence and resistance. As such, we shall strive to champion the rights of communities who have been historically oppressed. We shall strive to foster empowerment of students of African descent by encouraging our members to critically engage with the legacies of our history and black feminist liberation.

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