Socializing at Scripps

Motley Coffeehouse

The Scripps community enjoys one of the most beautiful residential academic communities in the world. From the Ella Strong Denison Library to Balch Hall to The Motley Coffeehouse, the campus offers a dynamic and incomparable environment in which to live, learn, and find inspiration.

Malott Commons

The Elizabeth Hubert Malott Commons is the thriving hub of campus life — a place where ideas and community intersect over a great meal. The facility provides venues for campus dining and special events and – combined with nearby Seal Court – houses the mail room, Motley Coffeehouse, Office of Public Events, Scripps Store, the Student Union, and Career Planning & Resources Office.

The Motley Coffeehouse

Not just any old campus coffee shop, the Motley Coffeehouse (above) has been serving up tasty drinks and treats since 1974.  The Motley is a non-profit,non-partisan organization that holds the distinction of being the largest all-women student-run organization west of the Mississippi. Whether you’re there to hang out or on the go, The Motley provides quality coffee and food from locally-sourced, fair trade, sustainable, and socially responsible sources. A fun space to study, hang out,or let loose, the Motley features live music, film screenings, and other public events.

Scripps Store

Scripps-StoreA not-for-profit, student-run business, the Scripps Store provides collegiate merchandise to Scripps students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumnae. Their goal is to enhance the community’s sense of school pride and unity through products created with students’ input. They strive to create a positive and enjoyable environment where our employees learn job skills necessary to run a business.

Scripps Tea

Scripps Tea is a tradition that has evolved since its inception in 1931 and remains a popular excuse to chat, unwind, and indulge. Visitors from all of The Claremont Colleges are invited to gather every Wednesday afternoon in Seal Court.

Student Union

The Student Union has a community browsing room that’s open 24/7, computers for student use, and plenty of meeting spaces.