SCORE: Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment


Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE) provides organizational support and resources to student organizations so they may further promote social and political awareness, specifically with respect to issues of class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and sexual orientation.

SCORE houses the offices of five important, vibrant Scripps organizations:

  • Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP) provides social, emotional, and academic support to all incoming AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) students;
  • Asian American Student Union (AASU) strengthens the Asian American communities on campus by providing a safe space for members to explore issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality;
  • Café Con Leche provides a forum for the discussion of social, political, and economic issues affecting women, particularly those of Latina descent;
  • Family facilitates a space in which queer and allied students come together to support one another and gain strength in community; and
  • Wanawake Weusi supports the social-economic, social-political, and spiritual well-being of women of color.