Off-Campus Living

Students may petition to live off-campus at any time during the year, though petitions are typically granted in the spring for the following academic year. Students are officially granted off-campus status when they receive written notification.

The number of off-campus petitions granted is limited, and priority is given to upper-class students. Off-campus status is only granted for one academic year at a time; students should not sign a lease with more than a one-year rental agreement. If students would like to live off-campus after the current academic year, they need to reapply in the spring. No student is guaranteed off-campus status for the following academic year.

Living Off Campus

Students who are granted off-campus status may live anywhere they choose. The Dean of Students Office maintains a housing board where local community members post room, house, and apartment vacancies. Students who need to find an off-campus residence are encouraged to look in the Claremont Courier and local rental magazines available at the Claremont Chamber of Commerce.

Claremont College Campus Option: Five-College Living Exchange

Students interested in living at Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, CMC, or Pomona may participate in a Five-College Living Exchange. The exchange provides an opportunity for Scripps women to live on another campus while their exchange lives at Scripps.