Scripps 360

Peer Support

Transitioning to college life is a big adjustment. At Scripps College, however, you’re not on your own; we developed the first-year experience program to help students at this critical time in their lives by connecting them with fellow students, faculty, and staff, and by preparing them to self-advocate and direct their learning experience toward success. We aim to foster class unity and the development of vital academic and life skills that make your first year as engaging as possible.

The Peer Mentor Program was developed to further these goals. Each new student is assigned to a Peer Mentor team, usually comprised of eight to ten new students and a Peer Mentor.  Mentors undergo intensive training in the weeks before NSPO to ensure competency and excitement in welcoming new students and making them feel at home. Training covers everything from how to handle crises to the resources available for new students. Peer Mentors provide valuable assistance and care to those students new to Scripps College.

Additional Peer Support: