Residence Halls

Eleanor Joy Toll Hall

Eleanor Joy Toll Hall, a gift of Ellen Browning Scripps, is the first residence hall constructed on campus. It is named for Eleanor Joy Toll, the first woman trustee and prominent leader of women's interests, such as music education, and civic progress, in Southern California.

Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Hall

The College's newest residence hall (GJW) opened in 2000 and, in 2002, was named for Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler '72. Designed by Backen, Arrigoni & Ross of San Francisco, GJW was designed in a style reminiscent of the original residence halls by Gordon Kaufmann.

Wilbur Hall

Named for Board of Trustee member Van Rensselaer G. Wilbur and his wife Marguerite, Wilbur Hall was originally designed as a suite of living and dining rooms for special events on campus. When these functions were transferred to the Malott Commons, the building was completely rebuilt as Scripps' smallest residence.

Frankel Hall

Frankel Hall was built in the spring of 1966 to accommodate expansion from 300 to 500 students. Originally conceived as a single facility with three wings by architects Criley and McDowell, the structure was reconfigured to offer a greater variety of room arrangements (singles, doubles, triplets, suites, and kitchenette apartments) all sharing an unprecedented feature at the time: air conditioning.

Grace Scripps Clark Hall

Although Grace Scripps Clark Hall was one of the first residence halls built, it remains one of the most popular today. The building features a baronial dining room with high ceilings, inner courtyards and balconies, and the mosaic-paved Olive Court, which externally joins Clark Hall to Eleanor Joy Toll Hall.

Susan Miller Dorsey Hall

Susan Miller Dorsey Hall was built in 1930 and remained the youngest residence hall for thirty years until the opening of Kimberly Hall in 1960. Financed almost entirely by women, including founder Ellen Browning Scripps and Margaret Fowler and interim president Mary Kimberly Shirk, the hall is named for Mrs. Dorsey, who was the first woman superintendent of schools in Los Angeles and one of the first trustees selected.

Ellen Browning Hall

Browning Hall is named after Ellen Browning Scripps, founder of Scripps College. It opened in the Fall of 1929, and has remained one of the most popular dorms ever since.