Dining at Scripps

The Malott Commons at Scripps College is one of the most social and engaging centers on campus – and it’s one of seven different dining halls available to students throughout The Claremont Colleges.

Scrippps is committed to healthy eating options – there are daily vegan, vegetarian, and allergy-free items on the menu – and partners with local vendors for fresh produce from around the region. With this much variety, you’ll never get bored of what you eat.

A Perfect Time to Dine

The Malott Commons is open seven days a week when school is in session, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner served Mondays through Fridays, and brunch and dinner on weekends.

A note to our customers: meals are only available during our serving hours.

Meal Serving Hours
Breakfast 7:30-9:30am
Continental Breakfast 9:30-10:00am
Lunch 11:15am-1:30pm
Dinner 4:45-7:00pm

Snacks are also served Tuesday evenings from 9:30-11:30pm.


Meal Serving Hours
Brunch 10:45am-1:00pm
Dinner 5:00-6:30pm

Dining Services Staff

Tom Adkins
General Manager, Dining Services
(909) 607-3841

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Jesus Campoy
Dining Manager
(909) 607-1529

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Garrick Hisamoto
Executive Chef
(909) 607-7051

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Cruz Leyva
Dining Services Supervisor
(909) 607-7051

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Mary Jo Palmer
Administrative Assistant
(909) 607-2977

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