With a focus on its core principles of leadership, creativity, integrity, and service, the Laspa Center is invested in redefining leadership for an inclusive, global community, one that challenges today’s corporate culture and supports leadership in all its forms across all disciplines.

In addition to workshops and events that allow individuals to discover their own strengths and attributes as leaders, the Laspa Center offers the following:

Civic Engagement Initiative

This nonpartisan initiative educates students about voter rights and electoral processes, and equips students to become leaders in public policy. Included in the Civic Engagement Initiative are voter registration tables, discussion groups, and resources materials intended to motivate students to give voice to causes most important to them.

Financial Literacy Program

Participants gain a fundamental understanding of personal finance to successfully navigate financial decisions during and after college in the Linda Davis Taylor Financial Literacy Program. All workshops are facilitated by members of the Scripps community and open to all currently enrolled students and community members of The Claremont Colleges. Learn more.

Laspa Fellowship Program

The Laspa Center Fellowship program recognizes leadership development as an important component of student employment and community engagement positions. In the Fall 2020 pilot, the Laspa Center Fellowship program will offer a cohort of rising sophomores and juniors specific leadership training and workshops that give action to the center’s six core leadership competencies and will include a signature capstone presentation at the end of the year. Learn more.

Leadership Immersion Treks

Leveraging strategic partnerships with nationally-recognized organizations, students will have access to exploratory and educational conferences and training. Learn more about upcoming Leadership Immersion Treks including the PLEN seminars in DC, the Women of Color Business Leadership Conference in Downtown Los Angeles, and the Carter Center Executive Briefing sponsorship.

Leadership Summit

A panel of leaders from diverse disciplines and professions discuss a key theme or topic to promote active dialogue about leadership in the 21st century. All members of the Scripps College community are invited.

Millennial Leaders Program

The Millennial Leaders Program is a modern approach to executive education. With a focus on transformational leadership, this multi-day program is designed to help young women who are early in their careers develop the skills necessary to propel them into leadership positions in a range of professional, political, and social domains. Learn more

Read to Lead Book Club

The Laspa Center selects current leadership-themed books each year to inspire and educate the Scripps College community through reading and discussion. Books and audio recordings are available for short-term check-out through the Laspa Center, Denison Library, and Honnold Library. They are also available for purchase in most local bookstores and online shops.

Student Leadership Institute (SLI)

SLI is a multi-day departmental leadership intensive for student leaders offered over the summer and in conjunction with other departmental training. Learn more