Mini We Act Grants


    1. As part of the Laspa Center’s community engagement initiative, the Laspa Center Mini We Act grants provide funding opportunities for students to execute a project or partake in an action that is intended to create a positive impact in the greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino area.
    2. The Mini We Act Grant is designated specifically for projects or student leadership experiences that occur throughout the academic year, rather than summer projects that are funded through the traditional Laspa We Act Grants.

Requirements for Grant Eligibility

    1. Mini We Act grants will be given up to a maximum amount of $200, and will be granted based upon each application’s Proposed Budget and Justification. Disclaimer: Once grant fund is depleted per semester, the application process will close and reopen for the next semester.
    2. Grants cannot be used for summer break. Please see the application for the We Act Grant for summer projects.
    3. Only one grant can be awarded to a single Scripps student per semester.
    4. Grant stipend can cover expenses directly related to the completion of the community engagement project. This could include expenses like gas, transportation funds, supplies, and equipment.
    5. Grant applications must be proven to fall within community engagement focuses such as activism, civic engagement, non-profit work, and education.
    6.  Mini We Act Grant recipients will be required to submit one blog post about their community engagement project they worked on during the semester (further details will be provided once applications are approved).
    7. There must be clear goals, purpose, and intended outcomes for one’s community engagement project.
    8. Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the student to determine what (if any) impact this grant will have on one’s financial aid package. The Laspa Center encourages all applicants to contact the Financial Aid office for this information.

Application Components

    1. The application can be found on the Laspa Center website page and at the following link:

To Apply Click Here

    1. Applications will include the following: Project Description, Project Goals & Intended Outcomes, a Proposed Budget & Budget Justification, and Laspa Center for Leadership Development Questions.
    2. The Mini We Act Grant application will be judged on the rubric found at this link.

Implementation Timeline

    1. Applications can be submitted until April 1st
    2. Applications will require 1-2 weeks for processing and approval. This must be taken into account when applying for the grant.
    3. Applications must be thoroughly completed to be accepted for review. Approval will be based on how the application meets the rubric requirement. Applicants can request an interview as a supplement to their application if they would like.
    4. Application approval will be emailed to the applicant within the 1-2 week range.


Additional Information

Unsure of your project’s eligibility? Unclear about what the Mini We Act Grant stipend could cover? Visit the Laspa Center’s office on campus or email