Women and Poverty in the U.S.

Frances Fox Piven
Political Science and Sociology, CUNY
Why Poor Women Are At the Vortex of American Neo-Liberalism

Carol Stack
Social and Cultural Studies in Education, UC Berkeley
Doing Public Anthropology for Social Justice

Mily Trevino-Saucedi Et Al.
Organizacion en California de Lideres Campesinas

Los Angeles Poverty Department
La Llorona: Weeping Women on Skid Row

Becky Dennison
Downtown Women’s Action Coalition

Social Welfare Policy:
Then and Now
Lynn Karoly
Felicia Kornbluh
History, Duke University
Margaret Prescod and Lynda Brewer,
Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, L.A.

Challenges of Survival: Homelessness, Housing, and Banking Rights
Haleemah Henderson
Strategic Action for Just Economy
Anisa Mendizbal
Downtown Women’s Center, L.A.
Nancy Mintie
Uncommon Ground

Low-Wage Work
Madeline Janis-Aparicio
L.A. Alliance for a New Economy
Kimi Lee
Garment Worker Center, L.A. 
Maria Soldatenko
Gender and Feminist Studies and Chicana Studies, Pitzer College 

Families, Children and Economic Deprivation
Toni Campbell
Child & Adolescent Development,
San Jose State University
Rashmita Mistry
Psychological Studies in Education, UCLA
Amy Pellman
Alliance for Children’s Rights, L.A.

Challenges of Survival: Child Care, Food Security, and Healthcare
Jessica Bartholow
California Hunger Action Network, 
Alameda County Food Bank
Sylvia Drew-Ivie
T.H.E. (To Help Everyone) Clinic, L.A.
Nancy Strohl
Childcare Law Center, San Francisco 

The Future of Women and Poverty: Policy and Practice 
Roundtable with conference participants