Giving to Scripps College

Celebrating Ellen Browning Scripps on Our Day of Giving

October 16, 2017


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 18, as we celebrate the birthday of Scripps College founder Ellen Browning Scripps.

Since the founding of Time magazine in 1923, few women graced the cover in the publication’s first decade. Ellen, one of the “most beloved women in Southern California,” was honored on the February 22, 1926 issue. She was a leader in philanthropy, establishing many health, educational, and cultural institutions throughout California. Ellen left a legacy.

In honor of Ellen’s legacy, leave your mark on the Day of Giving!

Consider giving to one of the following high-impact areas of campus:

The Scripps Fund


Faculty and Curriculum

Immigration and Civil Rights

Mental Health Support Fund

Visit our website today, and celebrate Ellen’s legacy with a gift in support of the College. Your gifts help shape the student and faculty experiences of today and tomorrow.

Thank you!

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