Office of Financial Aid

Accepting, Coordinating, and Processing Outside Agency Scholarships

Accepting Outside Scholarship Awards

If you receive an outside scholarship at any time before or during the academic year, you must notify the Scripps College Financial Aid Office. Federal, state and institutional regulations require the Financial Aid Office to consider all student and parent income, assets and outside resources (i.e., scholarships) when determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Coordinating Outside Scholarships in a Financial Aid Award

Institutional policy states that outside scholarships will first replace the student’s self-help (loans and/or work study) awards where available, thus reducing the amount a student may need to borrow or work to meet college expenses. Following the reduction of self-help aid, we will also allow outside scholarships to help cover your minimum student income contribution. If the total of your outside scholarship(s) exceeds your self-help awards and student contribution, we may be required to reduce other forms of aid including Scripps College Grant.

For your convenience, you may use our Private Scholarship Information Form 2017-2018  to report your scholarship to our office, so that we may include it in your financial aid award.

Processing Outside Scholarship Awards

Outside scholarship checks should be made payable to Scripps College and sent directly to the Financial Aid Office. Please ensure that your full name and Scripps College Student ID is written on the check or included in a memo when possible.

Mail or deliver the check to:

Scripps College Financial Aid Office
1030 Columbia Avenue #2027
Claremont, California 91711

Once received, your scholarship check will be displayed as part of your financial aid award on your My Financial Aid portal. Disbursements will be credited to your student account along with any other financial aid you may receive.  Normally, scholarships are credited to student accounts within 3-5 business days after the financial aid office has confirmed your eligibility, but not earlier than 10-days before the beginning of each semester. Scholarship disbursements received for students who are not enrolled or otherwise ineligible, will be returned to the issuing scholarship agency.