Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

Costs of Attendance

What does it cost to attend Scripps College for a year?

The cost of attendance at Scripps College includes tuition, room, board (i.e. meals), books and personal expenses. Review the most current cost of attendance.

Before I apply, can I get a sense of whether I might qualify for aid?

Yes. Just enter your financial information into the Scripps College Net Price Calculator to get an idea of how much aid you may be qualified to receive

Can I afford to attend Scripps College?

Financial aid is intended to make college available to students from diverse financial backgrounds. The Office of Financial Aid considers family income, the number of family members in college, medical expenses and many other factors when reviewing your financial aid application. Scripps College meets 100% of demonstrated need.

Is there a payment plan at Scripps College?

Scripps College offers a payment option for families who wish to pay in installments. With this plan, the comprehensive fees, minus financial aid, are paid in eight equal installments. Fall semester payments are due August 1st through November 1st, and January 1st through April 1st for spring semester. Payment Option Forms for this plan must be mailed in May and received in the Billing Office by June 15th. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 per semester will be charged to your student account to participate in the payment plan. For more information, click here.

Financial Aid

What is financial aid? Financial aid is monetary assistance to help cover the cost of college tuition, room and board and other expenses.

What are the major types of financial aid? Financial aid can consist of gift aid (grants or scholarships that do not need to be repaid), loans (borrowed money that must  be paid back, usually with interest), and student employment (money earned by the student through a job to make college more affordable).

What are the main sources of financial aid? There are four main sources: the federal government (the largest source), state governments, colleges and universities and private organizations.

Applying for Aid

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents will be required to complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (for institutional aid only), the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit signed copies of parent(s) completed 2014 U.S. income tax return(s) to the College Board’s document imaging service to begin the evaluation of their financial aid eligibility.

When completing my Financial Aid Application, can I estimate my income?

Yes, you may estimate by using the previous year’s income.

How will I know if you have received my financial aid documents?

When approved, you will be given access to the My Financial Aid Portal to view your documents and messages. This will be an important tool to keep you connected to the process, as documents are added at various stages of the application and awarding process.

I did not qualify for any need-based financial aid. What are my options?

You and your parents may need to borrow, use current income and/or pay over time using the Scripps College payment plan. For your specific options, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

My Financial Aid Award

When will I know if I will receive financial aid?

If you are admitted to Scripps College and have applied for aid, you will receive a financial aid award offer along with your offer of admission.

What kinds of funds will be included in my aid award?

If you receive financial aid, your award will normally include grants, loans and student employment, as well as any outside scholarships you earn.

If I qualify for aid, how much assistance will I receive?

We are committed to meeting 100 percent of the demonstrated need of each aid applicant based on an individual evaluation. We make this determination using the information you provide on your financial aid application and take into consideration any special circumstances you may have told us about.

How do I accept my award?

If you are admitted to Scripps College, you will be given access to your online financial aid award at My Financial Aid. You will be able to view, accept and/or decline your award on this site.

If my aid award includes student employment, how many hours per week will I work?

We typically expect first-year students to work 8-10 hours per week. For more information on student employment contact Career Planning & Resources.

What if I win an outside scholarship?

Outside scholarships from private sources are used to reduce the loan and student employment portion of the aid package. Once the loan and student employment amounts are fully replaced, additional outside scholarship funds will reduce any Scripps grant.

What if I have special circumstances and wish to appeal my financial aid offer?

You and your parents may make a written request for a reevaluation based on a major change in family circumstances (i.e. loss of employment, extraordinary medical expenses, etc.). Such appeals must include sufficient documentation to substantiate the requests.

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