Tuesday Noon Academy

This hour-long, weekly series features thought-provoking presentations by Scripps College faculty and visiting scholars, and is open to the greater community. Bring your lunch or purchase it at the Malott Commons dining hall. Coffee and tea are provided. Doors to the Hampton Room open at 11:45am.

Noon Academy Presenters

Regula Feldman Campbell ‘69 · March 4, 2014

In this illustrated talk, Campbell presents her research into the formal, experiential, and symbolic ways landscape designs reveal and reconcile the sacred with and within the world.

Mary (Polly) Nooter Roberts ’81 · February 25, 2014

In this richly illustrated lecture, Scripps alumna Polly Nooter Roberts ‘81 introduces a new gallery and educational program for the arts of Africa at LACMA.

Lars Schmitz · February 18, 2014

Lars Schmitz describes recent efforts that scrutinize the possible role of functional constraints on the evolution and diversification of visual morphology.

Martha Gonzalez · February 11, 2014

Through personal, professional and community reflection, Professor Gonzalez discusses how capitalism arranges the social relations of music and how Chicana ARtivista communities in East LA are challenging this arrangement through various social technologies.

Danzy Senna · February 4, 2014

Danzy Senna reads from her most recent work, a story collection entitled You Are Free (Riverhead 2011).

Jacqueline Wernimont · January 28, 2014

Professor Wernimont discusses the current interest in big and small data within digital literary studies, as well as a recent project to transform a poem into an algorithm and then a 3D object.

T Robert · December 10, 2013

Ms. Robert discusses how physics, math, chemistry, geology, and the natural elements come to together to play a vital role in forming a complex matrix that allows for travel to the moon, the appreciation of sculpture, and a drink from a favorite coffee cup.

David Scott · November 5, 2013

In his talk, David Scott examines issues surrounding the increasing demand for the return of plundered art works. Using examples from the Getty Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Scott discusses competing arguments concerning the looted and the faked.

Lara Deeb · October 15, 2013

Lara Deeb discusses part of her new book (co-authored with Mona Harb) titled Leisurely Islam: Negotiating Geography and Morality in Shi'ite South Beirut.

Anne Harley · October 8, 2013

Professor Harley discusses the origins of the project, the process involved in creating the libretto for the multi-choir cantata, and the project's ongoing evolution. In a special appearance, women of the Claremont Chamber Choir, under the direction of Professor Charles Kamm, will give the audience a preview of the music that will premiere at Scripps College on November 10.

Hao Huang · October 1, 2013

This talk seeks to explore the historical and cultural contexts of the American Dream for people of color.

Elizabeth Robbins Turk ‘83 · September 19, 2013

Can art objects convey valid opposing truths within the four seconds or less we have as artists to grab the attention of our audience?

Janet Blake · September 17, 2013

Phil Dike was one of the leaders of the California watercolor style of painting, as well as a gifted professor of art at Scripps College, where he inspired many students. Janet Blake, an expert on early 20th-century art in California, illuminates Dike’s distinctive artistic vision.

Breanna Harris · April 30, 2013

Harris’ talk explores the bidirectional interaction between the HPA axis and reproductive behavior in the monogamous and biparental California mouse.

Slocum Award for Book Collecting: Six Scripps Seniors on Life Between the Covers · April 23, 2013

This spring's Slocum Award participants discuss their passion and enthusiasm for books in a panel discussion.

Gabriela Santizo · April 19, 2013

This talk seeks to highlight the significance of the contributions made by Cuban women writers to the social production of Havana.

Jill D’Alessandro · April 2, 2013

In this candid discussion, Jill D’Alessandro ‘90 presents contemporary fashion within an art museum context.

Jennifer Armstrong · March 5, 2013

This talk investigates the responsibility we may have towards our genome by distilling the current scientific knowledge and considering it in the context of our daily lives.

Mark Golub · February 26, 2013

This talk concerns two sets of images deployed by the White Citizens Councils in their attack on desegregation
of public schools.

Adam Novy · February 19, 2013