Evolving Leadership Luncheon

"Evolving Leadership Luncheon in partnership with Scripps In Residence"

Scripps In Residence Series

Kimberley Living Room
Virginia Halverson, 909-607-8188

Join the Laspa Center in partnership Scripps In Residence for the “Evolving Leadership Luncheon” with the following guest speakers:

  • Cheryl R. Holland P’18- Financial planning expert and innovative business owner
  • Linda Randlett Kollar ’66 – Accomplished lawyer and former social worker
  • Bruce Felt P’17- Silicon Valley business and finance executive

Students will get the opportunity to engage in small group discussions with each of these guest speakers, learning how each professional has evolved personally as a leader, how they see leadership evolving in each of their respective fields, and how they see leadership evolving in society.

Space is limited, so please RSVP to vhalvers@scrippscollege.edu, lunch will be provided.