Women Over 25: Printing Letterpress for over a Quarter of a Century

Professor Kitty Maryatt

The Scripps College Press is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding by the Class of 1941 this year and will host a number of events. In this exhibition, we honor women who have been printing by letterpress for at least 25 years and are still printing and/or teaching letterpress. Viewing books made as an artistic and/or literary endeavor is an excellent way to give students an overview of a contemporary woman’s point of view on a variety of themes and issues. The books will be selected by Professor Maryatt, aided by Librarian Judy Harvey Sahak, from the excellent artist book collection at Denison Library and Honnold Library. There will be a broad variety of books: many have been printed by traditional letterpress using metal type, but there will also be books which extend the range by using photopolymer plates and laser cutting, or even digital printing, as women experiment with ways to present their message. Current and former students in the Typography and the Book Arts class will particularly benefit by analyzing the myriad procedures and techniques on view. Core III students will be presented with a spendid selection of books for identifying attributes that persist from the medieval period. The opening reception for the exhibition will be coordinated with the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture sponsored by the Scripps College Press.