Rendering the Female Subject

Rendering the Female Subject features works on paper, ceramic pieces, and wood sculptures from the Scripps Permanent Collection. The selection includes Pre Columbian terracotta figures, Satsuma ware, Andy Warhol polaroids, an Alison Saar print, an acrylic painting by Jamini Roy, and much more. This exhibit is full of variety! The common thread is that all of the pieces are artistic representations of women. The works are divided into categories: the works on paper fall under thematic categories, and each cabinet will display artwork from a single artist or culture. Rendering the Female Subject displays a few of the many ways that artists have represented women and allows the viewer to draw her own conclusions about the artwork and the women (and men in a couple instances) who are the subject of each piece.

Student curator: Aleedra Price under the supervision of Professor Mary MacNaughton and Kirk Delman. For further information concerning this exhibition, please contact Professor Mary MacNaughton.

An exhibit reception will be held on Wednesday, September 15th in the Clark Humanities Museum from 4:00-5:00pm.