Foundations: Groundwork for Contemporary Artist Books

The foundations of artists’ books will be shown in the exhibition curated by members of the Core III course, From Materiality to Immateriality: The Coming of the Artist Book. Core III students made selections from Denison Library’s significant collection of artists’ books that demonstrate key influences from the long history of the book. The significance of materials like papyrus and vellum, of hand-written and typographic styles, printing practices, imagery techniques and textual changes will be presented through examples from Denison’s Special Collections. Core III students will critique each book presented in the accompanying catalog, identify how it fits into book genres as defined by Johanna Drucker, and mount the exhibit. A DVD produced by the students showing several pages of each book, with commentary about its influences, will be shown at the exhibit.

For further information concerning this exhibition, please contact Professor Kitty Maryatt.