IDEA Initiative at Scripps College

Board Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity

Context and Role of the Board Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity:

The Scripps College Diversity and Inclusivity Strategic Plan calls for strengthening “the integration of the full range of human experience and backgrounds into Scripps’ academic, co-curricular, and residential life.” This aspiration is realized through the College’s commitment to ensure every member of the community acquires the capacity for viewing issues or problems from multiple perspectives and cultural vantage points. The goal is to develop a community that values other perspectives and is inclusive of all voices. The Board Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity’s work will parallel other ongoing discussions taking place on campus regarding issues related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

The Board Committee Goals and Objectives focuses on overarching committee goals for the academic year.

Board Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity:

Jennifer McDonnell, Chair
Fran Scoble, Vice Chair
Lynne Brickner
Chalan Colby
Mark Herron
Pamela Ng
Dwan Reece
Carolyn Revelle
Michele-Anne Ebe-Riley
Tori Sepand
Lynne Thompson
Lara Tiedens
Bonnie Wozencroft
Non-trustee committee member: 
Barbara Bruner
Senior staff: 
Charlotte Johnson
Amy Marcus-Newhall
Denise Nelson Nash