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Graduated Thesis
Willa Oddleifson 2013 "A Façade of Most Exquisite Gallantry’: The French Educational Reforms of the Late Nineteenth Century and their Impact on Women's Education.”
Marisa Mendoza 2012 “Canciones del Movimiento Chicano/Songs of the Chicano Movement: The Impact of Musical Traditions on the 1960s Chicano Movement”
Amy Hilman 2011 “Land, Labor, and Force: The Essential Questions of the Zionist movement”
Laura Nolan 2011 "Storytelling, Dislocation, and Healing: Community-Led Responses to Displacement and Disaster, Katrina to the Present"
Zeenat Hassan 2010 “The Black Menace: Why African Americans are Over-Represented in the California Prison System”
Jessica Butler 2009 “Sexual Degeneracy in Nazi Germany: Tracing the Ideological Threat of Homosexuality from Medicalization to Persecution”
Sarah Young 2008 "'Aping the Men', (Re)Defining Woman: The Construction of Gender at Somerville Women’s College, Oxford, 1878-1914"
Jessica Christian 2007 “Movement in the Borderlands: Women, Gender, and Immigration in San Diego, California”
Katie Galli Holden 2006 “Reconciling Religion and Revolution: Church State Relations in Cuba, 1959-2000”
Sara Fingal 2005 “Feeding or Poisoning the World?: Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Agriculture”
Mandi Cederlund Horwitz 2004 "Changing Perceptions of Female Athletes in 20th Century America"
Sharon Suri 2004 “The Chorus of Euripides’ Bacchae: Reconstructing the Roles of Athenian Women”
Christine Nguyen 2002 “Nationalism and the Dynamics of Internal Division in Korea and Vietnam”
Natalie Naylor 2002 “Judging Historical ‘Truth’: Why the New York Times Supported the Attempted Silencing of Rigoberta Menchu”
Kelly Feinstein-Johnson 2002 “The Representation of Women in the Weimar Cabaret”
Linda Bassett Puertas 2001 “‘We the People?’: Representations of National identity in Federal Citizenship History Textbooks”
Catherine Hazelton 1999 “Inclusion Then and NOW: The Roles of Women of Color and Lesbians in the National Organization for Women”
Sarah Haldeman 1999 "History and Memory: The Buchenwald Concentration Camp and Memorialization Politics"
Camille (Green) Wilder 1999 "Women in the Nicaraguan Revolution"
Sarah Woodman 1999 "White Buffalo Calf Women: Lakota Women Enabling Adaptation and Survival"