Class Visits FAQ

Who can attend a class visit?

High school seniors and transfer students. Class visit are for the prospective student only. Family and friends may not sit in on classes.

How do I register to sit in on classes?

We do not require high school seniors and transfer students to register for class visits. When you arrive to campus for your campus visit, you can view a list of available courses for the day in the Admission Office.

Can high school juniors or younger prospective students sit in on classes?

No, class visits are for high school seniors and transfer students only.

Can I sit in on more than one class?

Yes, eligible students can attend more than one class. Please keep in mind class start and end times when scheduling other classes and/or other campus visit activities, such as campus tours, information sessions, and interviews.

What is expected of me when I visit a class at Scripps?

You are expected to arrive on time and introduce yourself to the professor, to stay for the entire class session and observe and/or participate in the class discussion.

Can I learn more about the class(es)?

Yes, you can read course descriptions by accessing the Course Catalog.

What do I do when I arrive to class?

Please be on time and introduce yourself to the professor before class starts. Take a seat, be attentive, and thank the professor!

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the Office of Admission if you have any further questions.

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