Senior Interviewers

Our senior interviewers are excited to meet you to talk about your experiences and answer your questions about what it’s like to be a student at Scripps. Learn more about each of our interviewers below.

Sabina Hills-Villalobos

Hometown(s): Modesto, CA

Major: American Studies

Interesting Facts:

  • My favorite TV Show is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • I was almost run over by Adam Sandler at a filming of Jeopardy
  • I own (at least) eight pairs of Converse

Meera Kolluri

Hometown(s): Pittsburg, PA | Novi, MI | Houston, TX | Shanghai, China

Major: Legal Studies & Politics (Dual Major)

Interesting Facts:

  • I’m a third culture kid
  • I’m an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan
  • I’m more than happy to eat wings for every meal

Kristi Lee

Hometown(s): Folsom, CA

Major: Biochemistry

Interesting Facts:

  • I was the RA for Schow Hall and Frankell Hall last year
  • I have been playing the violin for 16 years
  • My first-year roommate and I have been best friends since we met o move-in day!

Hannah Orrahood

Hometown(s): Phoenix, AZ

Major: English & French Studies (Dual Major)

Interesting Facts:

  • I’m a triplet
  • I have worked various summer positions at summer camps for the past 6 summers, including one summer at an English immersion camp in France
  • My top hobby is baking. When I was in high school, I had a little cupcake catering gig.