Off-Campus and Alumnae Interviews

While not required for admission, an interview can give you the opportunity to discuss your interests and goals, and to learn more about Scripps and the admission process. Applicants who live farther than 150 miles from Scripps College and who are unable to travel to campus may be able to interview off-campus with an admission officer or an alumnae volunteer in their local area.

On-Campus Interview Deadlines

  • Nov. 15: Early Decision I, Spring Transfer applicants
  • Dec. 15: Early Decision II, Regular Decision applicants
  • Apr. 15: Fall Transfer applicants

Off-Campus Interview Request Deadlines

  • November 1: Early Decision I, Spring Transfer applicants
  • December 1: Early Decision II, Regular Decision applicants
  • April 1: Fall Transfer applicants

Interviews with Alumnae Volunteers

Getting together with an alumna in your local area can be a fantastic way to meet face-to-face with a Scripps representative and to hear about the alumna’s own college experience. Alumnae interviews are available in various geographic locations outside the Southern California area, as well as internationally. Alumnae interviews are currently unavailable; check back here in early September for more information.

Off-Campus Interviews with Admission Staff

Each fall, admission officers conduct interviews in cities across the country (and often around the world). If you are unable to visit campus, meeting with an admission counselor in your hometown is a wonderful way to make a personal connection and get your questions answered. Please check back later in the summer to see where admission officers will be interviewing next fall.

Important Note for International Applicants

As an alternative to an interview with a Scripps alumna or admission officer, you may arrange an interview with InitialView that is then shared with multiple colleges of your choice. This service provides the opportunity to talk personally with an interviewer in China or via webcam if you live in other parts of the world. The conversation will be recorded and can be reviewed by the Office of Admission.

Students in India interested in an in-person interview: please click below to schedule an interview with a Scripps admission officer this fall based on our locations. Availability is limited.

Bangalore | Delhi | Mumbai