Evaluation Process

At Scripps College, we seek to build a community of curious and engaged students who are eager to contribute their diverse interests, backgrounds, and experiences to our academic and residential community. Each year, the Office of Admission receives more applications than we have space available in the next year’s class. Our challenge (and it’s a big one!) is to select from this outstanding group of candidates an incoming class that is both talented and diverse.

In this process, we are committed to a holistic and thorough evaluation of each application. What we do as admission officers is an art, not a science… and each year we have to make some very tough decisions. Knowing this, we put together a few suggestions for you keep in mind when completing your application:

(Please see the Transfer page for a more detailed overview of transfer admission.)

Curricular Preparation

The recommended course of study is five academic subjects in each year of high school, including:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3+ years of mathematics (through the level of precalculus or higher)
  • 3+ years of social studies
  • 3+ years of science (biology, chemistry, and/or physics)
  • Either three years of a foreign language or two years each of two different languages – one year may be taken before high school

Applicants are encouraged to select Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or other advanced-level courses when available.

Admission Review

Our hard work begins as soon as you hit submit! Each piece of your application is significant and reveals something about your accomplishments and your promise as a student and community member. Once all of your application materials have been processed, they are reviewed by at least two members of the admission staff. These individual evaluations are followed by group committee discussions, which involve all of the Scripps admission officers. We know how much effort you put into your application, so rest assured that we spend a lot of time with it too!

Factors Considered in the Review

  • Official high school/college transcripts (reviewed for both rigor and breadth of curriculum and classroom performance)
  • School Report and counselor recommendation
  • Standardized test scores (official SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing required)
  • Academic teacher recommendations
  • Scripps Member Screen (includes short answer questions and short essay)
  • Personal essay
  • School and community activities
  • Volunteer and work experience
  • Optional credentials (admission interview, SAT Subject Tests, arts and/or athletics supplement)

Generally speaking, we are looking for students who have done well in a rigorous curriculum and have strong support from their school, as well as test scores to back up their academic achievements. We want to admit applicants who are likely to be successful in the challenging academic program offered at Scripps, and beyond that we look for students who have shown intellectual engagement in and passion for at least one academic field.

In addition, we try to imagine what the applicant would be like as a member of the Scripps community. In what ways would she contribute outside the classroom? Is she likely to be an involved community member — in student government, on the newspaper, as a member of a club, or on an athletic team? What will she be like as a roommate? If you envision yourself at Scripps, conveying this information in your application may help us envision you here too!