Who is invited to attend Discover Scripps?

We invite first-generation students and students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds to apply and attend the program. All applicants must be rising high school seniors.

How do I apply to Discover Scripps? Where can I find the application? 

Students interested in attending a Discover Scripps program must submit the following materials:

Current high school transcript (unofficial transcripts will be accepted)
Discover Scripps Application

How do I submit my unofficial high school transcript?

A copy of your unofficial high school transcript may be uploaded through the application upload function. Alternative ways to submit are by fax at (909) 607-7508 or via email to Screenshots or pictures will be accepted as long as your name and high school’s official website or logo are visible. Your Discover Scripps Application will not be considered complete until the transcript is received.

Why should I attend Discover Scripps?

Discover Scripps will give you the chance to immerse yourself in our campus and see what life is like on a typical school day. Second, you will learn about what Scripps has to offer first-generation students and/or students of color, including information about our resource centers, identity-based affinity groups, explanations of our financial aid and admission policies, and conversations with the faculty, students, alums, and staff who will make up your future Scripps family.

I don’t know a lot about Scripps yet. May I still attend Discover Scripps?

Absolutely. Whether this is your first time to Scripps or your fifteenth, Discover Scripps has something new and interesting for every student.

Can my parents attend the program?

Discover Scripps is a program designed for high school seniors.

I’m nervous about missing school on Monday. What should I do?

Most schools allow high school seniors to miss school for college visits. If you need a written letter acknowledging your attendance at Discover Scripps, or if you need someone to speak with your teacher or counselor, please contact Zenaida Reyes at or (909) 607-8920.

How much does this program cost?

Discover Scripps is a free program. Accommodations and meals while you are on campus will be provided by Scripps College. For students who live at least 150 miles from campus, Scripps will cover round-trip airfare to Ontario airport and transportation between Ontario and the Scripps campus.

What will the weather be like during Discover Scripps?

The weather in Southern California during October is usually mid 70s. You will want a light jacket for evening events.

I do not have the funds to travel to Scripps. What are my options?

If you are selected for a program, the College will cover the costs of meals, overnight accommodations, and materials. For students who live at least 150 miles from campus, Scripps will cover round-trip airfare to Ontario airport and transportation between Ontario and the Scripps campus. If chosen, students will be flown to Scripps mid-day on Sunday (October 6 or October 13) and flown home early morning on Tuesday (October 8 or October 15).

May I speak with a financial aid officer while on campus?

All students will attend a financial aid session with a member of our Financial Aid staff. There, many questions will be answered about financial aid in general. While students will have the opportunity to speak with financial aid officers throughout the afternoon, there will not be any individual appointments given during the Discover Scripps program. If you would like to speak with a financial aid officer about your specific financial situation, call (909) 621-8275. You may also visit the financial aid webpage, which has a lot of useful information for students.

Do I have to be a senior in high school?

Yes, Discover Scripps is a program for high school seniors graduating in 2020. If you are a younger student interested in future programs and events, please visit the Office of Admission webpage to join our mailing list and learn more about visiting our campus during the year.

I’m hesitant to consider applying to a women’s college. Why should I visit Scripps?

This question is an appropriate one to ask. In the 21st century, why do we still need women’s colleges? Imagine an experience where women are not afraid to speak up and to speak out, where faculty members believe that women are intelligent, ambitious, and remarkable, and where your fellow students are encouraging, noncompetitive, and inspiring. This is the environment Scripps has to offer. The statistics on the success of graduates of women’s colleges are striking: women who attend a women’s college are twice as likely to go to medical school, twice as likely to earn a Ph.D., and they report higher levels of academic challenge and engagement than women at coeducational institutions. For more statistics, visit the Women’s College Coalition webpage  or feel free to check out our Life at a Women’s College webpage. Something extraordinary happens when a woman attends a college founded on the simple belief that women can and will do anything they put their minds to. Visit and see for yourself.

Will I have to apply to Scripps via Early Decision?

No, you do not have to, although some students may choose to apply Early Decision to Scripps after this event. While we give attendees fee waivers for the Scripps College application, students are not required to apply (although we do hope you do so).

There is no way my family can afford to send me to a private college.  Should I still look at Scripps?

Yes. $71,958 is a lot of money, but do not let the sticker price of Scripps College scare you! 60% of students at Scripps receive some form of financial assistance, and we are proud to meet 100% of a family’s demonstrated need. We take a family’s financial situation into account when determining the amount of money a student will need to pay to attend Scripps. If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact the financial aid office at (909) 621-8275. For general information, visit the financial aid website.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please email Zenaida Reyes, Assistant Director of Admission, with any additional questions about Discover Scripps.