Graduating Scripps Students

Amplify Your Voice

A women’s college is an intentional space created to educate students in an environment that does away with patriarchal expectations and limitations. Within the walls at Scripps, your presence matters, your voice will be heard, and your peers empower you to define your own success.

Classroom Experience

At a women’s college, you are a top priority! It’s a great experience for students to feel valued for their voice whether they are already comfortable speaking up in the classroom or learning to vocalize their opinions. Our students have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a person and a scholar in a collaborative environment that does away with stereotypes.


There is a deep sense of community at a women’s college that is challenging and collaborative. It’s an environment where our students expand conversations in their residence halls and support one another in each other’s passions. Our students are not competitive but rather inspire one another to be the best version of themselves.


There is leadership in everyone at a women’s college. You have the opportunity to become a leader and strengthen your leadership skills on our campus. The student body empowers you to define your own version of leadership, whether you are holding an elected position, taking initiative to start a conversation, or rallying your peers to stand up for what you believe in.